Sandra Singer

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I have been an agent in the industry since 1985. Working mainly with Feature Film, Television, Commercials, Fashion, Music Videos, Fashion, Musical Theatre, Radio, Voice Over and staging large events. My past careers before deciding my passion was to be an agent were almost like an apprenticeship towards what I do today running my two companies. I have worked as the Sales, PR and Promotions Manager of Essex Radio (Pre Launch and for three years). I was very fortunate to have as a mentor ‘Mr.Radio’ Eddie Blackwell who taught me an amazing amount over those years. I staged the very first ‘Mobil Oil Jazz Festival’ at Tilbury Fort in association with the National Trust. I also designed the concept for one of the UK’s first Female Exhibitions way before London Fashion Week & Move It. Where we had a 4 day show just for the ladies with Fashion Shows, Make Up Demonstrations, Make Overs, Hair Styling, Flower Arranging, Fitness Workshops, Dance competitions and much more. We even had a heat of “Miss Great Britain’ there too and a ‘Super Cook Competition. So I more or less created all the main topics in one venue that fill our TV screens on a daily basis. My role as an agent and principal of a training school has been my dream career path. I love helping talent achieve their dreams and potential.
I have to satisfy myself with the moral standard I have set for myself at work, as I am now a leading supplier of talent both in the UK and Internationally today. It never ceases to amaze me what artistes are told when launching careers. Therefore I feel it my duty to be honest with them and guide them. I have over the years built up a great relationship with producers and casting professionals. They trust me with exclusive breakdowns direct as well as through the industry bible “SPOTLIGHT”. My company is spilt into two halves. Sandra Singer Associates is the agency and personal management side of my company. Singer Stage School is my one and only training school for talent (Based in Leigh on Sea , Essex) of which I am very proud. We mainly supply lead roles. We are training young performers up to age 21. They are all auditioned to join so that I have the opportunity along with my panel of selecting suitable children to train with my company. The good thing is that we keep students totally grounded and keep those Jazz Hands down to a bare minimum. Along with giving them probably the best all round training in the UK for under 21.

Thomasin Lockwood

“I have attended Sandra Singer Stage School for two years, and in that time not only has it transformed me as a performer, but also as a person. Sandie and her exceptional staff are really committed to bringing out the best in you; it is a relaxed and friendly atmosphere reinforced by the talent and passion in the school for performing arts. Sandie is there every Saturday, happy to give one-to-one advice should you ask of it. Her insight to the industry prepared me well for college auditions. Now after gaining a place at one of the top Musical Theatre colleges Arts Educational, I can gladly say it is down to the amazing opportunities to improve myself at the stage school from its teachers plus meeting guest tutors that come from a variety of expertise in the industry. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the stage school that has motivated me to work hard, as I’m now rewarded with a brilliant college and a wonderful agent!”

Sarah Counsell

Casting Director, Writer & Actor
“Hi Sandra, Just wanted to let you know that all your boys were fantastic last week and I put every single one of them on the short list tape for Jill. My fav’s from you were Kai Belcher, Joe Benjamin and Adam Robertson but Jill just felt they felt they looked a little too old on camera now. They were such fantastic suggestions Sandra and all of the boys worked really hard in the session for me – you should feel very proud of them . The standard of your children is outstanding.”

John Byrne - Entertainment Industry Careers Advisor to “THE STAGE” Newspaper

“Sandra Singer is one of the most respected agents working with young performers in the business, with a reputation for enthusiasm, integrity and delivering on promises. As you would expect her Summer School is also a ‘top of the range’ experience allowing participants to learn from experienced professionals in a fun, positive and very practical environment. Beginners will go away inspired, and more advanced talents will leave having learned many new things and being much closer to achieving their goals”