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“Sandra Singer is one of the most respected agents working with young performers in the business, with a reputation for enthusiasm, integrity and delivering on promises.

As you would expect her Summer School is also a ‘top of the range’ experience allowing participants to learn from experienced professionals in a fun, positive and very practical environment.

Beginners will go away inspired, and more advanced talents will leave having learned many new things and being much closer to achieving their goals”

John Byrne – Entertainment Industry Careers Advisor to “THE STAGE” Newspaper

“My son has been with Singers Stage School (of excellence) for 7 years and it has been the most amazing experience !

It’s hard to put into words how much he has gained and grown as a person over the years, from making amazing friendships to filming abroad in Prague for ikea and numerous other t.v commercials to being in a music video for Kodaline !

Tutors and special guests are incredible and it reflects in the students talent and passion It has truly fulfilled a dream I remember my son saying at 5 years old I want to be on the television , it made me chuckle never for one minute thinking that dream would come true.”

Sally Belcher

“A pupil at Singer Stage School in Leigh, Niamh’s training helped her prepare for the role in the long-running BBC One drama (Silent Witness) .”

Echo News – Niamh Lewis

Echo News

“A good agent will make you feel comfortable, will put you up for the jobs you are right for, will always be looking for your next job and will be working for you. I am on the phone with my agent, Sandra, constantly, chatting about what’s coming in, what I’m up to, where I’m on tour, and what auditions are coming up. I love that – I think it is very important.”

Sandie and Anthony the Stage

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“It’s a tough industry, so we are also both fortunate to have Sandra Singer as our mentor and agent to help steer us through things. In five years’ time, I see myself either as a dance captain for a show or in America discovering the dance scene there. I really want to take the route of creating pieces, shows, events. I am currently working as a swing in the Mamma Mia! international tour.”

Craig and Tom in the Stage

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“It’s well reported that in the celebrity culture of today, children have aspirations of living their days out in the glare of the media; invariably dreaming of a job that is ‘famous’ rather than rewarding. However, there are youngsters that want to go into show business because it’s their passion to perform; they’re actually good at it. And it’s these bright stars that Sandra Singer – a highly successful agent from Leigh on Sea is interested in.”

Born to Perform

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“SINGER Stage School in Leigh is one of the very best in the UK and that’s a fact! Nestled inside the Wesley Hall building in Elm Road, the school is a creative diamond in the heart of Leigh. It offers vocational training by some of the top tutors in the industry and is ‘up there’ in terms of success and reputation alongside London Goliaths such as the Sylvia Young Theatre School.”

Leigh Summer School 2010

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“Leaving college life behind was a shock at first, but so exciting. The main difference is you really do feel on your own so if you don’t work immediately, don’t panic. Try and get a routine going and get to class – Pineapple and other studios are great ways to meet people, and if you are not confident in a style, do it more. Versatility is so important. There is no way I would still be touring with Kylie after five years if I was a one-trick pony.”

Nikki Trow in The Stage

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“From my experience, working in pantomime is also a chance to improve and nurture your own spirit and develop an energy you draw on to tackle many other types of show such as Chitty or Starlight Express, which I am looking forward to working on in Germany next year. As our producer says, we are the antidote to the six o’clock news, and any experience which helps me draw audiences out off their sofas and into the theatre has to be good from a career point of view.”

Lucy Maria-Gill – The Stage

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“Although House of Anubis has brought me a lot of recognition, playing the lead role in Disney’s 101 Dalmations sequel gave me a taste of the limelight too. I worked with some very cool actors and was walking the red carpet at the LA premiere at age seven.”

Dear John – Bobby and Maisie

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