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Rea Mole

Sandra is delighted to welcome actress REA MOLE to her stable of talent at Sandra Singer Associate.

Rea was nominated for the Best Performance as the lead in HIDE and SEEK Winner of the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature directed by Joanna Coates. “One of the Most Bewitching and Elegant British Films of the Last Decade” – Front Row reviews. Rea has a gifted ability to play and switch between roles effortlessly, ranging from dark social misfits, to ambitious professional, to optimistic girl-next-door. Not only does she have a strong screen presence, but she delivers authentic, nuanced characterization. For more information, please contact Sandra.


“Rea Mole is one of the most inspiring and exciting actresses I’ve ever worked with – watching her work is a joy. She brings to her roles an energy that feels almost dangerous at times and in HIDE AND SEEK she brought about some of the film’s most electric and beautiful images”.

Daniel Metz, Writer & Producer, HIDE AND SEEK.

“This is the first film credit for Rea Mole, who bears a striking resemblance to Tilda Swinton”

Indie Outlook on Rea’s performance as ‘Leah’ In HIDE AND SEEK.

“We recently cast Rea in the lead role of ‘Sarah’ in our feature film PINKY. Rea is a gifted actress able to play complex characters with sensitivity. During rehearsals Rea got to the heart of the character very quickly, engaging on a deep emotional level with other characters on set. It’s been a pleasure watching her work”

Zaheer Ahmed, Director ESA Films.

“The entire time working with Rea I found myself magnetised by her level of devotion. Her explosive passion comes from outer space and it is thrilling to have her in your midst. I believe Rea Mole is one of the undiscovered jewels of London. I have no doubt she will quickly be on the tips of everyone’s tongues and the top of all casting lists”

Whit Herford, Founder Sneak Arrack Films.